Twister® S1

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Twister® S1
Twister® S1
Twister® S1
Twister® S1
Twister® S1
Twister® S1
Twister® S1
Twister® S1
Twister® S1
Twister® S1
Twister® S1
Twister® S1
Twister® S1

It is dormant as long as your energy supplier's network is supplying electricity. However, if the power fails, the Twister® S1 starts up within a second to secure the power supply at the moment of the power failure. Based on a battery-powered motor-generator converter, it reliably takes over the safety power supply in modern buildings such as office buildings, theaters, department stores, hotels, swimming pools, industrial production halls or even entire residential complexes - fully automatically, quietly, cost-effectively and without any emissions. More than an alternative to the diesel engine. And by the way, the most reliable in its class!

Your advantages:

Faster and stronger than ever
Safer, more modern and more efficient than a diesel unit
Completely without exhaust fumes thanks to the electric drive
Lasting cost savings
All information on one display
Always safe – even when there is a fire

Power supply couldn't be safer

Interruptions in the general power supply, whether from fire or other causes, are a potential hazard in buildings. Even a short-term power failure can have serious effects on people's health and even their lives and cause economic damage. Therefore, maximum safety requires absolute functionality of safety-relevant systems, which are necessary for evacuation and firefighting, at all times. This is the only way to avoid panic and unnecessary danger in an emergency.

The solution is a reliable emergency power supply - like the Twister® S1, which jumps in at lightning speed if the general power supply fails. In the event of a power failure, the Twister® S1 takes over the operation of the safety-related systems and equipment with emergency power in a matter of seconds, usually for up to three hours. Its robust and powerful drive motor ensures the reliable start-up of the mostly motor consumers such as:

passenger elevators
Smoke and heat extraction devices
Fire dampers, gates and doors
fire alarm systems
ventilation systems
security lighting
sprinkler pumps
Plants for extinguishing water supply (pressure boosting systems)
railway signal boxes
production facilities
Your advantages in detail:

faster and stronger than ever before
quiet and low-vibration
safer, more modern and more efficient than a diesel unit
without any emissions thanks to the electric drive
electronic reporting and testing system with intuitive user interface and touch screen
automatic or manual triggering of the prescribed function and capacity tests
separate message and alarm memory for immediate display and complete logging of all fault and status messages as well as measurement results of the tests
Convenient file export using a USB stick and printout via PC (standard-compliant, electronic test book)
seamless network synchronization


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