Right of withdrawal


Cancellation or return policy


Consumers have the right to return the item under the specified conditions. Withdrawal - Further information: Right of withdrawal / cancellation policy: The buyer can withdraw from the contract within two weeks without giving reasons in text form (e.g. letter, email) or by returning the item. The revocation period begins with receipt of the goods and notification of the revocation instruction in text form. The timely dispatch of the cancellation or the item is sufficient to meet the cancellation deadline. The revocation must be sent to: Steffens-Engineering GmbH, Blinder Weg 25, 46446 Emmerich am Rhein; Mail: info@steffens-engineering.com, Our terms and conditions apply in general, you can find them at: http://www.steffens-engineering.com/de/agb.html.



XI. Right of the customer to withdraw and other liability of the supplier

1. The customer can withdraw from the contract if the supplier is finally unable to perform the entire service before the risk passes. The same applies if the supplier is unable to do so. The customer can also withdraw from the contract if, when ordering similar items, the execution of part of the delivery becomes impossible in terms of quantity and he has a legitimate interest in refusing a partial delivery; if this is not the case, the customer can reduce the consideration accordingly.


2. If there is a delay in performance within the meaning of Section V. of the Terms and Conditions and the customer grants the defaulting supplier a reasonable grace period with the express declaration that he will refuse to accept the service after this period has expired, and if the grace period is not observed, so the customer is entitled to withdraw.


3. If the impossibility occurs during the delay in acceptance or through the fault of the customer, the customer remains obliged to provide consideration.


4. The customer also has the right to withdraw if the supplier allows a reasonable period of grace granted to him for the repair or replacement delivery regarding a defect for which he is responsible to elapse fruitlessly through his fault. The customer's right of withdrawal also exists in the event of the impossibility or inability of the supplier to repair or replace the goods. The provisions of this section XI.4 do not apply to defects in used delivery items.


5. The supplier shall be liable in the event of an infringement of property rights of third parties in connection with the delivery or service of the supplier to the exclusion of further claims as follows. Liability is limited to property rights granted in Germany. The customer will be released from claims for compensation and costs imposed by a final judgment and the customer will be reimbursed for the lawyer's fees paid. The customer's right to withdraw due to impossibility remains unaffected.


6. Subject to the provisions of Section XII. all other further claims of the customer, in particular for termination or reduction as well as compensation for damages of any kind, including damages that did not occur on the delivery item itself.

7. Restriction on Limitations of Liability
The exclusions of liability and limitations of claims of the customer in these conditions
do not apply in the case of intent or gross negligence on the part of legal representatives or executive employees, as well as
culpable violation of essential contractual obligations. In the event of culpable violation of essential
contractual obligations
the supplier - except in cases of intent and gross negligence
Negligence of legal representatives or executives - only for the contractually typical,
reasonably foreseeable damage. The Disclaimers and Limitations of Claims
of the customer in these conditions also do not apply in cases in which
Product liability law for defects in the delivery item for personal injury or property damage to private
objects used is liable. The exclusions and limitations of liability also do not apply
if defects were fraudulently concealed or their absence was guaranteed or if life,
Body and health were culpably injured.

8.All images are sample images, they reflect the nature of the product. It is not always the products shown that you purchase. These are examples.

End of cancellation policy.